2009 Five Fall Fair Queen Candidates Let Their Talents Shine
2009 Five Fall Fair Queen Candidates Let Their Talents Shine

2009 Five Fall Fair Queen Candidates Let Their Talents Shine

There was standing room only at the beautifully decorated Curling Rink August 28th when the five 2009 Fall Fair Queen Candidates presented themselves to the public at their Talent and Speech event. This was the finally to many months of preparation, hard work and numerous educational and exiting engagements before this years Queen will be chosen. The five Candidates, Karina Pelayo, Mariah Gotro, Kayla Holowaychuk, Jessica Peters, Samantha Leader and Katelyne Bonin, all demonstrated great poise and self esteem as they moved threw the evening’s program.

After many acknowledgments to the all the supporters and volunteers, who made this years Fall Fair Queen Program possible, it was time for the talent presentations. Each performance was a choice that reflected the individual personalities of every participant. The dance routines chosen were both lively and expressive, and brought huge applause from the audience. Several short skits were definitely entertaining and the songs presented, found echoes in the memories of the listeners.

If the girls were nervous about giving their speeches, they did not show it. They walked up to the microphone as confident as any seasoned speakers. Each of them had chosen their topic to

be of interest to a broad audience as well as having special meaning to themselves. They had attentive listeners who showed their appreciation by an enthusiastic response all around.

The final part of the evening was a Fashion Show where the Candidates had a lot of fun. The first section was a presentation of outfits that were purchased from thrift stores and could not have cost more than $10. It was followed by a show of Western Wear that highlighted a portion of the Fall Fair, horses, and cowboys. The Heritage Dresses were a great audience favorite and let the girls stand out in colorful elegance.

Out of town Royalty and Ambassadors with their travel companions had come from areas as far away as Revelstoke and Arrow Lakes, a total representatives from ten different towns were present to cheer our Candidates on.

There was no doubt that the Fall Fair Queen Candidates had presented themselves in the best light in every section of the Speech and Talent show, and with the guidance of their (title? ) Wendy McDermott, each one held the promise to be Queen and be an Ambassador for Barriere and the North Thompson Fall Fair and Rodeo Association.

By Elli Kohnert – Barriere Star Journal