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NTFF&R Ambassador Program

NTFF&R Ambassador Program

Ambassador Program 


The North Thompson Fall Fair & Rodeo Association’s Ambassador Program has a rich history that dates back to 1950, this program has the honour of being the third oldest Royalty Pageant in the Province of British Columbia!

Originally called ‘The Queen Pageant’, the Association changed the name in 2012 to the ‘NTFFRA Ambassador Program’ in an effort to better reflect the purposes of the program now being offered. At that time, the Program Committee made a number of improvements to the curriculum, bringing it up to modern day standards without losing its valued traditions.  The NTFFRA Ambassador  Program is geared towards building self-confidence, personal awareness and self-motivation, all the while having “a whole lot of fun”. The committee stresses that this is not a “beauty contest”, or a “most popular girl contest”, rather a search for the newest Youth Ambassadors to proudly represent the North Thompson Fall Fair and Rodeo Association and the entire North Thompson Valley.

The NTFFRA Ambassador Program is open to any young lady enrolled in grades 9 through 11, who is a resident of the North Thompson Valley. Home schooled young ladies are welcome to participate.

Each year the new candidates are provided with training in the areas of public speaking, self-defence, , dancing, resume writing, proper etiquette, North Thompson Valley information and history, and the history of the NTFFRA. 

Candidates also have an opportunity to travel as a group to other communities as they help to promote their area and participate in the candidate training process.

A number of bursaries are available to the candidates who take part in the program, and these are awarded at the annual NTFFRA Ambassador Coronation held in late August.

The committee is sensitive to the financial burdens that for some may be a reality; therefore, the cost to both the candidates and their families is kept minimal. Fundraising, community service, and the many wonderful candidate sponsors who step forward each year are the biggest part of the program’s success.

 Registration forms are completed by candidates and signed by a parent or guardian, and a ‘meet and greet’ is then held for candidates and their parents/guardians to meet with the current royalty and the Ambassador Program Committee. Once all the candidates have been signed up the program is underway for the calendar year, which annually includes these events:

  • NTFFRA Ambassador Apron Auction & Banner Night – Feb/March
  • NTFFRA Ambassador Program Speech & Talent Show – May/June
  • NTFFRA Ambassador Program Coronation Ceremony – Late August

The North Thompson Fall Fair and Rodeo Association appreciates and thanks all of the committee members and candidates who have participated in this program since the first crowning was held in 1950, and to all of the young ladies who have worn the North Thompson Fall Fair & Rodeo royalty crowns since that time, and say, “Thank you for being such sparkling ambassadors of our Association and of the North Thompson Valley, we have greatly enjoyed working with each and every one of you, and we remember you fondly each year.”

Past Ambassadors

1950 – Sylvia (Sheaves) Winter

1951 – Toki Miyashita

1952 – Connie (Gillette) Reichelt

1953 – Rose (Fornelle) Dalla Loma

1954 – Shirley (Johnson) Kettleson

1955 – Carroll (Bigham) Scott

1956 – Karen (McKenzie) Watson

1957 – No Queen Crowned

1958 – Rozanne (Genier) Shannon

1959 – Betty (Johnson) Hystad

1960 – Lynn (Gaudreau) Lazzara

1961 – Laura Evans

1962 – Audrey (Williamson) Rilcoe

1963 – Alice (Leavitt) Scott

1964 – Barbara (Salle) Gair

1965 – Anne de Mambro

1966 – Bev (Fennell) Fraser

1967 – Anne (Stewart) Carmichael

1968 – Mary (Chamberlain) Honda

1969 – Linda (Johnson) McLure

1970 – Martha Matthew

1971 – Sue (Johnson) Carpenter

1972 – Connie (Irving) Falk

1973 – Angela (Proulx) Trenholm

1974 – Shyanne (Doyle) Johnson

1975 – Kathy (Goodanetz) Parker

1976 – Sharon Price

1977 – Brenda Edwards

1978 – Christine Livingstone

1979 – Kathy (Paige) Fenrick

1980 – Launa (Lindoff) Bray

1981 – Nola (Desmond) Rasmussen

1982 – Diane (Bedard) Loychuk

1983 – Barb (Haines) Spooner

1984 – Christie (Paula) Provenzano

1985 – Tannis (Baines) Wills

1986 – Tricia Stamer

1987 – Shana DeNeef

1988 – Heather (Bowden) Lewis

1989 – Corry (Webber) Fay

1990 – Corry (Webber) Fay

1991 – Elizabeth (Schilling) Ekins

1992 – Karen (Kempter) Cleland

1993 – No Queen Crowned

1994 – Cynthia (Beddington) Phiefer

1995 – Laura Chrystall & Josea Hartfield

1996 – Nicole Paquin

1997 – Allison Kirkwood

1998 – Elizabeth Andrews

1999 – Joan Wichmann

2000 – Veronica Wilks

2001 – Rachelle Mutch

2002 – Rozalind Ewashina

2003 – Sarah Bazinet

2004 – Ashlynn Harris

2005 – Dani Harkies) Noble

2006 – Cailynn Fraser

2007 – Farran Lyons

2008 – Amanda Coder

2009 – Kayla (Rosen) Holowaychuk

2010 – Alexandra Brown

2011 – Hannah Allen

2012 – Aliya Bieber

2013 – Jenna Zietsov

2014- Jillian McInnes

2015- Lee  Dionne

2016-  Sara Sabyan 

2017- Emma Hamblin

2018- Taylor Johnson

2019- Haille Johnson & Jonathan Fennell 

2020- No Ambassador Crowned 


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